Nandi business community wants curfew be lifted

Peter -Chalicha- (Chair- Nandi -Bar- Hotel- liquor-and- traders)-Second - right.
Peter Chalicha (Chair Nandi Bar Hotel liquor& traders)-Second right.

The Nandi business community have come out strongly and called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the curfew by opening up the country for economical activities to uplift the livelihoods of Kenyans who have suffered a lot since the inception of Covid-19 pandemic which rendered many people jobless.

Addressing journalists in Kapsabet town led by the Bar Hotel liquor and traders chair Mr. Peter Chalicha, appealed to the president to consider uplifting the curfew for hospitality sector which has been operating less hours due to the imposition of the curfew, citing hardship times that have paralyzed the sector a lot.

“The hospitality sector has suffered great due to the pandemic and it is high time the government consider opening up the economy of the country,” Chalicha affirmed.

The traders lamented that the economy has been dropping drastically since Covid-19 pandemic struck in the country and this has affected many businesses making life hard for many people especially for the ordinary mwananchi.

They demanded their grievances be heard by the government saying political campaigns are ongoing countrywide and that signifies that the Covid-19 restrictions are no longer important thus business people should be accorded enough time to conduct their businesses to uplift their livelihoods.

The traders revealed that they have been strictly sticking to the Covid-19 protocols and have been vaccinated thus are ready to work in full swing to improve their economy and livelihoods.