Nandi County Assembly female MCAs speak on increased women murder cases

Nandi County Assembly
Nandi County Assembly

A section of female members of the County Assembly of Nandi led by nominated members Terry Maiyo and Clara Melly, have come out strongly and commented on the ugly issue of girls/ women in relationships being murdered; citing infidelity among them to be the root cause therefore urged them to practice faithfulness.

Addressing journalists at the county Assembly of Nandi they revealed that there is no way a girl or a woman would fall a victim of gender based violence if one only sticks to her lanes without deceit thus urged them to stop indulging in multiple relationships.

“There is no way we can blame the boy child for such incidences when the girl child is in love relationships with more than one man of which puts her life in danger, we want our girls to be sincere with one lover.” Melly affirmed.

They revealed that, it will be the only way that will make them safe because cheating to two to three men endangers their lives thus they should stand for No if it is No and Yes if it is Yes to avoid subjecting themselves to problems.

They decried rampant cases of women being murdered in Nandi and urged the security apparatus and the county leadership to come together and look into the lasting solution of the vice, one being good parenting.

Terry Maiyo cited that to some extent parents are to be blamed for the ugly incidents because they have abandoned their parenting role as parents including child negligence which comes with a lot of problems.

Some of the parents have brought up their girls in a manner that makes them grow thinking they can acquire anything they want in life thus they should change their way of bringing up their children.

In a span of one month in Nandi, about three women including a renowned athlete have lost their lives through gender based violence thus the issue should be addressed amicably.

Their statement on the issue of murder of women in the region has come just a day after the Maendeleo ya Wanawake Nandi branch criticized the Nandi women leadership for remaining mum on the matter.