Nandi county government to set up avocado packaging house.

CECM agriculture(Nandi) Dr Bernard Lagat on a-avocado packaging house
CECM Agriculture (Nandi) Dr Bernard Lagat on avocado packaging house

The county government of Nandi is set to put up an avocado packaging house at Lolduga location in Olessos ward Nandihills constituency after more than a thousand farmers diversified from maize farming.

Addressing avocado farmers during a workshop held in Nandihills, the chief executive committee member of agriculture Dr Bernard Lagat cited that the government saw it good to put up the packaging house to aid the avocado farmers adding that as a county government have already received funding from the World Bank for the project.

Lagat said the packaging house will be equipped with a ware house, cooling systems and other equipment required of a ware house.

He revealed that the packaging house is meant for sorting, grading, packaging and export of the avocado urging avocado farmers from across Nandi to fully make use of the facility for their benefits.

The county government of Nandi is already in a deal with the Sunripe Company for export of avocados and that farmers will sell their produce at a standard price of Kshs. 82 per kilo gram for Hass variety and not less than Kshs. 60 for the other varieties.

Farmers have been urged to embrace avocado farming for their benefits since it has a fast ready market internationally with favorable prices.