Nandi Education office proposes measures to deal with school unrests in the County

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

The Nandi County Education Ministry has proposed strategies to deal with school unrests and indiscipline in the County. Speaking during an education stakeholders forum which brought together the security team and the heads of primary and secondary boarding schools across Nandi, the County Director of Education Mr William Machocho said the stringent measures are aimed at curbing indiscipline and ill behaviour in schools.

Machocho cited that the school principals and management bodies should engage an alert gear to prevent school unrests and monitor the unfolding situations to make sure the vice is dealt with.

Some of the factors that may contribute to indiscipline and unrest in schools include access to illicit and radical information and violence extremism sites, lots of freedom given by the school management, a wide divide between the administration and students which may hinder communication among others.

The Nandi Education office has come up with the proposed strategies against unrest which include strengthening of guidance and counselling departments in schools, the presence of school heads in the schools must improve, students must be kept engaged at all times if not reading including incorporating more co-curricular activities, parental involvement in the students’ affairs, school administrations must ensure the syllabus is dealt with on time, dorms must have three double doors and grilled windows should be done away with, school canteens shouldn’t be run by outsiders, and school administrations must conduct periodic fire drill sessions among other pointers.