Nandi female teachers urged to join Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA)


Nandi female teachers have been asked to join the Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA) as it is a vibrant welfare association and community for female teachers across the country.

KEWOTA Chief executive officer Mrs Benta Opande while addressing female teachers in Nandi during the official launch of the association said the association is meant not only to address issues affecting female teachers but also to enhance better living standards for them and their families.

Opande asked female teachers who have not joined the association to consider joining it for their future betterment because the association offers financial empowerment support, investment opportunities, development projects, career and work place advocacy, sponsorships and training.

She added that the organization also focuses on directly impacting the lives of female teachers socially, career wise and financially and so far many teachers across the Nation have largely benefited from it and are enjoying the fruits of the association.

KEWOTA Nandi chapter coordinator Mrs Everline Chebet Koech lauded the efforts of the association saying as Nandi female teachers are going to benefit from the association like any other county thus urged teachers to join it fully.