Nandi Finance CEC ousted by County Assembly

Nandi MCAs during a past address in the County Assembly
Nandi MCAs during a past address in the County Assembly

The members of the County Assembly of Nandi have impeached the Finance and Economic Planning CEC Mr. Alfred Lagat due to failure to clear pending bills among other faults. The nagging problem of pending bills has caused considerable misunderstandings between the national and County governments, with Nandi County among Counties that have failed to clear the pending bills.  

The motion to remove the CEC was moved by Kiptuiya ward MCA Geofrey Kevolwe and seconded by Tindiret ward MCA Hon Kipkurui Chepkwony. 
The Assembly voted out Lagat after a total of 25 out of 26 Members present voted in favor of the motion oust on grounds of gross misconduct, mismanagement of bursary funds, decreasing of local revenue since the year 2017,being adamant to provide documents to the County assembly and the questionable buying of water drilling machines. 

Majority of MCAs were absent during the process and the County crisis has contributed to County employees missing their December-January salaries, the most affected being the County Assembly employees who have not been paid their salaries for the past three months. However, an ad hoc committee of five members has been formed to prepare a report.