Nandi government launches the Geospatial Information Systems lab

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang (left) during the GIS lab launch
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang (left) during the GIS lab launch

The County government of Nandi has launched the County Geospatial Information System (GIS) laboratory, a project supported by the European Union and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Speaking during the launch, Governor Stephen Sang said County governments are required to put in place plans that will guide the development of urban areas so as to ensure the proper utilization of land resources.

The GIS is a tool that allows the analysis of spatial, geographic information, and is a vital system that can be used to analyze, store, and display geographic-related information on a given area.

Sang revealed that the GIS lab will be significant during the surveying of land in Nandi County, and to map all areas in the County and take necessary action as directed by the National Lands Commission (NLC). The project is to be launched in Vihiga County also.

The GIS technology will help the Counties in landscape mapping, monitoring of crops and natural resources, facilitate precision farming, improve revenue management among other benefits.