Nandi government launches tree planting exercise to attain forest cover target

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

The County government of Nandi through the Ministry of Lands and Environment has launched a tree planting programme during this rain season in order to attain the 10% forest cover target in Nandi. Speaking during round table talks with a team from the Kenya Forest Service and Environment docket, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang said his government will strive to ensure the 10% forest cover target is achieved in line with the conservation of water catchment areas.

He affirmed that the government has launched the project, apart from achieving the forest cover target, to also accomplish conservation efforts.
He urged Nandi residents to embrace the tree planting exercise as a way of enhancing environmental conservation, adding that Nandi County has six forests gazetted for tree planting to boost forest cover.

He warned those who have encroached into public land that they will be brought to book and that his government is working around the clock to ensure all encroached public land is reverted back to the government.