Nandi Government sacks 700 contracted employees


Nandi County Government under the leadership of Governor Stephen Sang who is serving his second term, has sacked seven hundred staff whose contracts had expired.

As the head count exercise was carried out recently which established the actual workforce continues, the administration has also halted the hiring of the new staff in a move to reduce the burden of a huge wage bill facing the County.

Nandi County wage bill is now at fifty two percent (52%) of expenditure which is against the required thirty five percent (35%) a situation which has seen the County spent over Millions of money on salaries thus the move to layoff the staff will help bring down the wage bill.

According to Nandi Governor, he has sorted out a list of 2019 to date contracted workers/staff absorbed under permanent and pensionable terms and moreover, has sent home on a 45 day compulsory leave to all the CECs and the COs.

Sang cited to have arrived at the move in order to know their fate following allegations that quite a good number were participating in irregularities which the government could not condone.

Nandi County Government workforce as per last year 2021 was at over five thousand which is equivalent to a wage bill of 52% of annual expenses thus there is need to cut off some percentage of employees to cut down the costs.