Nandi government sets up milk cooling plant at Chepkunyuk in Nandi Hills

Agriculture chief officer Wilson Lelei (centre, notebook in hand) during his visit to the Choimim milk cooking plant

The County government of Nandi through its Ministry of Agriculture has completed the setting up of the Choimim milk cooling plant in Chepkunyuk ward, Nandi Hills constituency, which will benefit dairy farmers in the region. Speaking during a visit to the site of the project, the Agriculture department chief officer Wilson Lelei lauded the efforts of the Nandi County government of Nandi to set up the cooling plant.

He said the plant will ease the dairy farmers’ burden, who were battling losses due to milk contamination. It has the capacity to hold about 5,000 litres of milk and farmers have been urged to utilize the facility. Nandi government intends to set up milk cooling plants in every ward in the County to boost the dairy farming sector.