Nandi Governor reshuffles cabinet to improve service delivery

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi governor Stephen Sang has made changes in his cabinet to improve service delivery, affecting CECs and Chief officers. Addressing the press outside his office, the Nandi Governor said his administration is in the process of doing performance reviews for the County chiefs but in the meantime, these changes have been made to ensure there is faster and more efficient delivery of service to the Nandi residents.

He affirmed that the re-assignment of responsibilities has come after an analysis of their strengths and capabilities.

The changes made are; Wilson Taiy who was serving in the Agriculture docket has been moved to Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare in the same capacity, Jacob Tanui has moved to Trade, Investment and Industrialization, Valentine Chumo has moved to the Education and Vocational Training. Stanley Baliach from the Education docket has been assigned to the Lands, Environment and Natural Resources and Kiplimo Lagat has been moved to Agriculture and Cooperative Development.

The reshuffled chief officers Mohamed Feisal moves from the Finance to Trade, Dr. Rose Jepleting moves to Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony moves to Cooperative Development, Meshack Malakwen moves to Finance, Wilson Lelei moves to Agriculture, and Daniel Sang will take over the Basic Education docket.

The Nandi Governor also announced the launch of the Big Four Agenda and the upcoming Lake Region Economic block Summit to be held in Nandi.