Health department in Nandi to conduct sensitization on breastfeeding

Nandi Health CEC Ruth Koech (centre)

Mothers in Nandi have been urged to support breastfeeding and ensure they gain access to vital lactation knowledge, with the County government set to conduct sensitization on the same. Speaking during the World breastfeeding day, marked at Savani health care center in Nandi hills, where a baby nursing unit was officially launched, Nandi Health CEC Ruth Koech asked mothers to embrace breastfeeding. Koech said breastfeeding is very essential to a child as it provides the best possible jump start in life, thus urged breastfeeding mothers to consider breastfeeding their children for at least the required six months period before weaning.

She revealed that the County government of Nandi through its health department is planning to conduct a breastfeeding sensitization exercise, to enable mothers gain the right knowledge and practical information on breastfeeding. This year’s theme is, ‘Support breast feeding for a healthier planet’.
“Breast feeding provides a health and nutritional value both to mother and the child,” she said.