Nandi leaders call for the arrest of officer whose gun was used in the Ol’lessos shooting incident

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi leaders led by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang want the police officer who had been assigned the gun used in the shooting of the 41-year-old cobbler at Ol’lessos apprehended and charged as an accomplice in the crime. Speaking during a visit to the victim’s family, Governor Sang said that the officer is an accomplice in the murder because he allowed his firearm to be used by his colleague to kill someone. “We want the police officer who was assigned the rifle to be apprehended and charged with being an accomplice in the brutal murder because he handed over his gun to the suspected murderer,” the Governer said.

Nandi leaders have called upon investigative bodies to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure all the suspects involved in the killing of the three Ol’lessos residents trio are brought to book and charged accordingly. A fundraiser will be held on Thursday with money raised to cater for the funeral of the three who perished during the incident last week.