Nandi leaders call for the change of Kipchabo tea factory top management

Kipchabo tea factory farmers

Nandi leaders led by Governor Stephen Sang and Nandi MCAs have called for the ouster of Kipchabo tea factory regional manager Mr. Pius Kirui, after persistent complaints from farmers over poor tea prices. Addressing a farmers meeting at Chomisia trading center in Chesumei constituency, the leaders demanded the removal of the regional manager and a change of the factory’s top management following an alleged mistreatment of farmers.

The leaders accused the factory leadership of exploiting farmers and using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to underpay them. “We are asking the national government to speedily investigate the exploitation and mistreatment of tea farmers in the County,” Sang said. 
Tea farmers supplying their leaves to Kipchabo tea factory have over the past few weeks protested the poor pay and tea prices, which dropped to Kshs 19 per kilo from an initial Kshs 30 per kilo.

The factory management revealed that the reduction in the cost of tea leaves is due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected their markets. Farmers have held their resolve and want the initial price restored, saying they are also facing tough economic times.