Nandi leaders urged to exercise political tolerance.

Nandi political leaders
Nandi political leaders

Nandi leaders have been called upon to respect each other by exercising political tolerance ahead of the 2022 polls.

Speaking to journalists in Kapsabet, Nandi governor Stephen Sang cited that each and every political class has a right to campaign and sell their agenda peacefully without any hindrance, saying some political leaders in the region are engaging in dirty politics by using the youths to disrupt  meetings and heckle their opponents which is very wrong.
“As a leader you should seek for votes peacefully and respect your opponents” Sang added.
He affirmed that as a county boss he will work closely with other political leaders in the region to ensure peace prevails as the country prepares to hold the 2022 general elections.
“Nandi is a cosmopolitan region as it accommodates all the tribes thus there is need for peace and tolerance and therefore people should not accept to be divided politically.” He said.
The governor narrated that people living within the borders of Nandi and the neighbouring counties should live peacefully in cohesion and integration and not letting any politics divert their cohesion because Kenya is bigger than any individual.
He appealed to the youths to shun away from dirty politics by not accepting to be used politically to breach peace, so they should be extra careful.