Nandi plants trees in bid to conserve environment

The event was carried out under a theme, "Fight against the illegal Trade in wildlife"

An official from KCB planting a seedling during the function

The county government of Nandi through the ministry of Lands, Water and Environment has planted a total of 10,000 trees at Kamatargui conservancy in Emgwen constituency.

Addressing the public at the conservancy during the World Environment Day commemoration, Deputy Governor for Nandi Dominic Biwot who presided over the function said the move of planting the seedlings will go a long way in not only ensuring that the wetland is reinforced to nearly its original status but also enhance the achievements of 10% forest cover in the county.

Deputy Governor of Nandi CountyDominic Biwot together with the CEC for Environment.lands and Natural resources Dr John Chumo at Kamatargui conservancy.

He said his government together with other stakeholders and community at large will ensure that the planted seedlings are protected to ensure survival to its maturity.

The Deputy Governor clarified that the county government in the year 2013 had embarked on a programme to restore the wetlands and free the areas from encroachment where by it planted approximately 1 million trees seedlings in public schools, bare hills and wetlands and from then the county has been planting about 1 Million seedlings annually.

He said the efforts culminated in the formation of a community – Based Management committee tasked with overseeing the re-establishment of Kamatargui wetland boundaries and eventual clearly demarcating and fencing the area was successful.

Kamatargui conservancy where 10,000 tree seedlings were planted by the county government of Nandi

He added that Nandi has King’wal and Kibirong swamps which are identified as key areas of action in the county integrated development Plan with ultimate goal being to have well conserved and sustainably utilized wetlands with socio-cultural and economic benefits.

An official from KCB planting a seedling during the function

However they have managed to demarcate and beacon Kibirong wetland in Nandi south Aldai constituency measuring 1000 acres thus requested partners to support them in fencing the wetland.

The Deputy Governor requested those who have encroached into forest lands and swamps to move out of those areas for the betterment of environment and generations to income.

The theme of the celebrations was “Fight against the illegal Trade in wildlife”