Nandi residents asked to take Covid-19 protocols seriously.

County Commissioner for Nandi Mr George Omoding
County Commissioner for Nandi Mr George Omoding

The County Commissioner for Nandi Mr George Omoding has asked Nandi residents to strictly observe and adhere to Covid-19 preventive measures to avoid infections.

Speaking during the official launch of  RRI program, a one week countrywide sensitization exercise on dangers of Covid-19, Omoding noted that people in Nandi have started flouting the Covid-19 rules and regulations of curbing it by failing to wear their masks, not keeping social distancing at all especially in market places and failure to adhere to regular hand washing with water and soap, a situation he said is very risky and could lead to the subjection of the partial lockdown for the County if the residents won’t change.

He observed that the County has started recording variant cases of Covid-19 thus reminded the residents and the public to be on the lookout or else it will be difficult times to them.

The Commissioner revealed that the exercise is launched throughout the forty seven counties in a bid to sensitize members of the public urging the media to spread the information widely.

“We have issued our own containment measures as a county and will be working together with the health stake holders, the local administrators, the DCC’s and the village elders at grass root levels to sensitize the public on dangers of the pandemic and possible safety measures in curbing the spread,” he affirmed.

The Commissioner cited that the security apparatus team together with the county government of Nandi has moved swiftly to reinforce Covid-19 measures which are aimed at containing the virus noting that the residents are at risks of contracting the disease due to the economic activities within the adversely affected counties of Western and South Rift regions.

He added that the new Indian variant is already in Nandi and everyone should take necessary precautions to avoid contracting the disease.

One may not experience the cardinal symptoms like fever, coughs, running nose and chills and the laboratory tests may proof negative thus people should take precautions carefully and strictly adhere to the Covid-19 protocols.

To date, since the strike of Covid-19 pandemic in the country, more than fifty people have succumbed in Nandi County.