Nandi residents express confidence in the Judiciary

Chief Justice David Maraga
Chief Justice David Maraga

Nandi residents have expressed high levels of confidence in the Judiciary, citing that the Courts and Judges perform well. West Media conducted an interview with some of the residents with the aim of getting their views on the interactions and judiciary performances.

Nandi human rights watch chair Mr Simion Nyoros lauded the efforts made by the Kapsabet Law Courts and Judiciary at large in its diligence of dispensing justice to the citizens.

Nyoros affirmed that of late Kapsabet Law Courts have been tackling cases immensely without delays which is a great achievement in fulfilling justice to the citizens.

He cited that the Judiciary also has been interacting so much with the public, mingling with prisoners and by doing so will be able to identify the problem facing the public.

The human rights chair cited one weakness that have been witnessed in these Judicial services which is a lack of immediate replacement for transfers which leads to piling of a lot of work because cases will be postponed. “We are asking the judiciary to make sure that when they transfer a Magistrate or a Judge, they should make a replacement as soon as possible so as to allow Courts to continue discharging their duties.

On the shortage of Magistrates, he said Kapsabet law courts need at least five of them to make work easier and ease congestion of cases thus asked the Judiciary to consider posting of more Magistrates to Nandi.

His sentiments were echoed by Nandi County Imam Abubakar Sadala who said the Judiciary is doing a tremendous job in the dispensation of justice to the wananchi.

On the other hand, Nandi Maendeleo ya Wanawake chair Mrs Sarah Kosgey said the Judiciary is doing its role but she isn’t happy with the way rape, defilement and murder cases are being handled especially at the Kapsabet Law Courts.

Kosgey said the suspects of these indecent actions are arrested but not apprehended on grounds that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute them, thus as women, some feel that the Courts aren’t acting justly.