Nandi residents warned of heavy down pours

Floods (file photo)
Floods (file photo)

The Red Cross Department in Nandi has warned of heavy rainfalls in the region urging residents living in landslides and mudslides prone areas to be extra vigilant for their safety.

Nandi Red Cross Co-ordinator Mr. Julius Sang while addressing journalists in his office, cited that Nandi especially the sides of Tindiret region has been experiencing floods and landslides due to its rocky terrains thus appealed to people living in such areas to consider moving out of the place for their own safety during this heavy rainfall period.
“We don’t want to lose lives that is why we are giving red alerts to inhabitants of such areas to take safety precautions before the disaster.” Sang affirmed.
He added that the Kenyan Meteorological Department had announced earlier that several parts of the country will experience heavy rainfalls, Nandi region not left out thus the public should be on the look out.
The Co-ordinator asked those living near or around rivers like Kingwal, Amai, Kimondi, Mokong and Ainamng’etuny which normally floods during heavy rainfalls to move to safer places for their safety.
Currently, Nandi is experiencing heavy long rainfalls that lasts for nights and days and residents have been warned to be very cautious around or near the flooded areas.
In the year 2020, Nandi governor Stephen Sang petitioned the Senate to declare perennial land slides and mudslides in his county a national disaster.