Nandi youths urged to shun dirty politics.

Nandi clergy men
Nandi clergy men

Youths across Nandi County and the nation at large have been called upon to shun dirty politics spear headed by politicians who want to gain their selfish interest and exercise political tolerance in order to be on the safer side during the electioneering period.

Nandi clergy team in a peace meeting which brought together inter – denominational leaders urged the youths to run away from such politicians who want to use them politically to engage in heinous acts like breaching of peace.

“We want our youths to avoid being used by selfish politicians to cause a breach of peace and instead we are calling them to exercise tolerance and strengthen peace messages wherever they are ahead of the next coming general elections.”One of the clergy men affirmed.

They revealed that youths have been the most suffering groups towards election because they allow themselves used by politicians who want to gain their political selfish interests thus this time round; youths should open up their eyes and think beyond being used unlawfully.

Majority of youths who have allowed themselves lured into dirty politics by politicians have lost their lives and others living with political scars due to incitements and hate speech thus they should step up and say NO to dirty corrupt politics for their own safety.

They have also been reminded to exercise their democratic right of voting during the general elections so as to elect their leaders, those with no identity cards to make efforts of acquiring them and visit IEBC offices to register as voters to avoid being locked out in the 2022 general elections.