NASA calls upon the government to protect Kenyan fishermen

ODM chairman John Mbadi
ODM chairman John Mbadi

NASA leaders have expressed concerns over the arrest of 22 fishermen by the Ugandan government. The fishermen were arrested due to encroaching territorial boundaries between Kenya and Uganda.

The unending fishing grounds controversies between Kenya and Uganda began back in the year 2010 and have not yet been resolved even after the 10th parliament agreed to put boundaries and end perennial fights over fishing grounds.

Kenyan fishermen have reportedly complained about Ugandan authorities harassing them by asking for money and chasing them away from fishing grounds.

Suba South Member of Parliament John Mbadi has said that the territorial issues should be resolved permanently by the government for the country’s integrity because they aren’t Nyanza problems.

“Before calls for self-determination we are still united in this country Kenya, I want to speak directly to Inspector General and CS of Interior because this is a matter about internal security of our country,” said Mr. Mbadi.

Mbadi added that the internal security general should not pick instructions from anyone but act in his capacity clearly since he is responsible for security and end unnecessary frustrations and ongoing attacks on fishermen. He explained that Kenyan islands should not be under Ugandan occupation.

Nyatike Member of Parliament Tom Odege said that the same issues are being experienced in his constituency everyday whereby Kenyan and Ugandan flags are being raised daily.

He reiterated that the fishermen are forced to eat raw fish when arrested by Ugandan forces and that Nyanza region is ready to walk alone if the government is not ready to step in and resolve the recurring fishing grounds squabbles.

“The President must stand up and protect our boarders, we have issues between Nyatike and Uganda yet we also border Tanzania. Kenyans must all be treated equally and get equal rights from the government,” explained Odege.