Natembeya urges Nandi registry officials to work efficiently

Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya
Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Mr. George Natembeya has ordered registry officials in Nandi County to pull up their socks to ensure efficient service delivery to the public. Speaking during his a fact finding visit to Nandi registry offices, Natembeya affirmed that acquiring a birth certificate is the right of every Kenyan and not a privilege, thus asked the officers and the staff in registry offices across Nandi to ensure issues hampering the issuance of the birth certificates.

He said that a person applying for a birth certificate should be served within one day not months or years. He instructed the chiefs and their assistants to make sure that they give notifications parents to enable them to effectively start the certificate processes.

Concerning the issue of heavy rainfall being experienced across, Natembeya asked Nandi residents leaving in landslide prone areas to quickly vacate to safer places for their safety. He revealed that they’ve not recorded any deaths in Nandi despite the heavy downpour.