National and county governments urged to put in place measures to fight Cancer

ODM Director of Communication Philip Akunda Etale
ODM Director of Communication Philip Akunda Etale

The national and county governments have been challenged to come up with proper policies to combat cancer scourge ravaging the country.

Addressing mourners in Lugari township village, Lugari location, Lugari sub county, during the burial of two brothers Henry Oyuchi and Robert Oyuchi who died in a span of three days after battling with throat and stomach cancer respective, the ODM director of communication Philip Akunda Etale regretted challenges cancer patients were going through as they search for medical attention in the country.

Etale said most of health facilities in the country are not well-equipped to handle cancer patients saying the disease will soon be a national disaster if concerted efforts are not made.

“Most health facilities are not well equipped to make diagnosis and rarely do they contemplate cancer,” stated Etale.

He said the disease is indiscriminately affecting all Kenyans regardless of their age or status in the society and that it was high time the government put emphasis on establishing effective policies to enable establishment of cancer screening and treatment centers in all the 47 counties in the country.

Etale urged Kenyans to go for regular screening noting that the disease is curable if detected at an early stage compared to stage four where it is irreversible.

“It’s so sad we are burying these two brothers after being diagnosed with cancer at stage four, had it been detected earlier we couldn’t have lost them,” mourned Etale.

He said lack of awareness and late presentation is the greatest challenge that needs to be fought, saying the government should fund screening exercises at regular intervals not only in big hospitals, but also in villages in order to reach all Kenyans and curb the spread of the disease.