National government asked to stop taxing donations


The Kenyan government has been asked to stop imposing taxations on donations from Non- governmental organizations (NGO’s) as this has made the lives of the vulnerable including people living with HIV to date are suffering for lack of ARV’s drugs due to the government and US standoff.

Addressing journalists in Nandi, Nandi senator Samson Cherargei decried the ill motive of the government to tax donations saying that it is undermining the humanitarian initiatives and programs in the country and the government should put to halt to this kind of behavior.

Cherargei noted that majority of the beneficiaries of this donations including the lesser in the community, those living positively among many other target groups are suffering because of the government blunder to impose taxation on such free of charge donations which has made donors furious about the Kenyan government and are threatening to hold such donations if that is the way government conducts its business.

“We have witnessed the prolonged suffering of groups of people living positive due to long delay of release of this ARV’s drugs by the US government because of the Kenyan government imposing tax on this, a situation which should come to halt.” He affirmed.

The legislator affirmed that for decades, donors from various countries have shun away contracting business with the Kenyan government due to taxations and high levels of corruptions witnessed thus the government should discharge its mandate accordingly..