National government urges house owners not to harass medics


The government has urged landlords not to harass doctors who have not paid their rents saying that it hinders their working conditions.

Speaking at Kitale referral hospital, health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe has said that the constant harassment by the landlords has led to the increase in strike threats.

“To those who house doctors please stop harassing them, be reasonable if a doctor tells you he has not been paid, be patient and stop harassing them as you will be paid when the government pays them.” Stated Kagwe

He has further urged the doctors to maintain their work ethics and help distraught Kenyans who really need their help.

“And you doctors we have  defended  you so go back to work and leave this strike notice you are issuing left and right, this is not a time to strike but time to help Kenyans and treat them. Let’s have dialogue and solve the issues at hand.”

This comes as doctors in Nyanza and some parts of Western have issued strike notices for unpaid dues.

On vaccine distribution, the ministry has said that vaccine distribution has greatly improved and the hitch being experienced is due to changes of vaccine type which need more equipment.

“We are adding more vaccine types leading to the hitches since we are adding the Modana type which requires  more equipment than the AstraZeneca thus leading to the hitch.” Noted Taskforce on Vaccine Deployment Chairperson Dr. Willis Akhwale.

Akhwale further dispelled the fear that the ministry was changing the type of vaccine being given to Kenyans adding that they were adding more types to reach many Kenyans.

“We are only adding more types to reach out to more Kenyans. So far we have vaccinated 2.7 million Kenyans and plan to reach 10 million with the new stocks.”

For now the CS and the chair have said that they are working on ways to train health workers on ways of handling the vaccines in a bid to reduce the fatalities and reach out to more Kenyans.

“We are working on rural outreaches to reach out to the old age and those who cannot access health facilities to increase the coverage of vaccines.”

On his part Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba has called on the national government to partner with county governments to improve on universal health care roll out in a bid to serve more Kenyans.

Khaemba noted that county governments had immense power to reduce the spiraling numbers of Covid- 19 numbers especially in the counties.

“We have the potential to overturn the numbers of fatalities who are succumbing to the virus. All we ask for is support from the national government.”

He further urged the security apparatus to increase surveillance of locals who were not observing the laid down Covid-19 rules.