National government working closely with TVETs to equip them

Aldai Technical Vocational Training Centre
Aldai Technical Vocational Training Centre

The Permanent Secretary for State Department of Vocational and Technical Training Institutions Dr Margaret Mwakima has affirmed that the National government is closely working with the industry to equip such institutions.

Speaking in Aldai Technical Training Institute during the official commissioning of phase Two of the electrical and ICT center, Mwakima cited that they are working closely with the industry in terms of curriculum development placement as well as assessment where the industry is involved together with their trainers to be able to inform what is being offered.

The PS noted that as a national government they also provide incentives for internships for their learners and students whereby if a company takes trainees for internships then they are given tax ribbits.

Moreover, she added that they are looking at the ways on how to give the students startup kits and connect them to micro financing so as to be able to set up their own entrepreneurship institutions to employ themselves and others.

“We as a national government are looking on ways to help support these students financially to start up their businesses in future.” She said.

On the other hand, the area MP Hon Cornelius Serem revealed that the institution through the CDF program is looking forward this year to have a student enrollment of more than one thousand.

Serem said the program has a budget of Kshs 7 M as compared to last year’s budget of about Kshs 3.5 M therefore is pleased with the government for supporting such programs.

The MP urged youths to make use of these institutions to acquire knowledge and skills that will make them employ themselves in future instead of seeking for jobs.