National land commission on historical land injustices claims


The National land commission has started hearing land injustices cases which Nandi  people suffered during the  colonial period.

National land commission commissioner Dr Samuel Tororei who is the chair of the historical land injustices committee established by the commission to look into the matter, told the public that the commission had started investigating historical land cases which the community suffered during the last hundred years.

Addressing the public at Aic Kapsabet Bible college during the meeting of the progress towards the realization of Historical land injustices program, Tororei said both the accused and the complainant will be given a fair hearing as the commission starts investigating land cases in Nandi county.

He said that pursuant to article 67(2)(e) of the constitution and section 15 of the National lands commission Act 2012 read together with section 38 of the the Land laws Amendment Act 2016, the commission shall receive, admit, investigate,  and recommend appropriate redress to all Historical land injustice complaints thus other counties which have expressed willingness include Murang’a and Kiambu.

Nandi governor Stephen Sang who invited the commission to the county said hundredths of cases affecting public land in Nandi have been registered since February this year abd asked prominent personalities who illegally acquired public land to surrender it.

Sang noted that high number of squatters in Nandi stayed in inhuman conditions because the fertile land was taken away during colonial time by colonial administration while after independence prominent personalities who worked in previous regimes also grabbed the land.

He added that among the land which the county is pursuing are multinationals and sisal estates in Nandi which are in the hands of foreigners.