Ndivisi ward MCA denounces claims that MCAs were enticed to pass the BBI

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Pepela during his interview in Mumbo Fm

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Pepela Wanyonyi has rubbished the allegations that Members of County Assemblies were given car grants to entice them to pass the BBI report.

Speaking today on Mumbo FM during breakfast show (KEMUMBO), Wanyonyi stated that Members of parliament are always given seven million shillings car grant, therefore, wanted leaders and other Kenyans to stop politicizing the MCAs issue on car grant.

Wanyonyi said that the dialogue of MCAs to be given car grants has been ongoing since 2017 therefore MCAs being given car grants was their right not that they were lured to pass the BBI report.

“We have had a dialogue of car grants since 2017, so there is nothing like MCAs were allured with car grants to pass BBI; MPs get 7 million car grants, what is the problem when MCAs too are given? This was our right!” uttered Wanyonyi

Ndivisi legislator said that he is on the forefront to ensure that the government distributes BBI report booklets to Kenyans so that they can read the report on their own.

“We made very clear that BBI copies should be brought to Kenyans so that they can read on their own, I can’t start campaigning for BBI and yet my Ndivisi people do not have a clue on what it is, the government is under the duty to ensure that copies are brought to Kenyans,” he stated.

He, however, said that if BBI will go through Kenyans will get more development since there will be direct ward funds without depending on County governments as he added that ministers and CECs will be appointed from the national assembly and county governments respectively hence reduce the wage bill and burden to common mwananchi.

“When MCAs will double as CECs, they are people who have mandate with common mwananchi and they know very well that if they don’t perform well after five years they will be voted out so these are people who are going to be responsible unlike these other who are appointed as professionals,” he asserted.

“The fact is that County funds will increase from 15% to 35% and for the first time we are going to have a ward fund. Bungoma County we voted for BBI because of these reasons, increase in county allocation fund, ward fund and CECs and ministers will be appointed from MCAs and MPs,” added Wanyonyi

He revealed that Bungoma County Assembly passed the BBI report in respect of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula.

“We also passed BBI without lying it is a political process and also because of showing respect to Senator Wetangula, this is politics, if Bungoma County Assembly could have voted no, how would Wetangula be perceived nationally?” he queried

Ndivisi MCA used that platform to highlight development projects he has initiated in his ward as he assured sugar cane farmers that there are negotiations going on with one sugar factory that their canes will be harvested soon as he added that security is going to be beefed up in Webuye East as he cited incidents of insecurity that has been going on in the area.