Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi tells government to increase allocation for people living with albinism

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi

People living with albinism have asked the government to increase their allocation from the current a hundred million to a half billion so that it can carter for them since the current one is little yet the numbers get increasing every year.

Addressing journalists in Webuye town on International Albinism Awareness Day, Ndivisi MCA Martin Wanyonyi who also lives with albinism said he is happy that they have achieved so much so far in that they are now accepted in the society unlike before when people could run away when they see them.

“We have attained much as family of people living with albinism, we can now access sunscreen lotions with much ease in public hospitals and the perception, stigma and attitude towards us has changed greatly and we can now be appreciated as any other human being though it is still there but very minimal,”  said MCA Wanyonyi

He added that they no longer get threats that they can be hijacked killed and their body parts be sold for certain use for nowadays they can walk and mingle with other Kenyans and can now access education and medication without struggle.

Wanyonyi added that he is happy because the community can also identify their strength in the society and community and give them responsibility in terms of leadership and he is the beneficiary of the same having been elected as an MCA for Ndivisi ward in Webuye East constituency in 2017 as the second MCA regardless of his skin color.

“I really want to thank the great people of Ndivisi ward for their immense support and belief in me even with my skin color that I can lead them and that tells you that responsibility doesn’t look at color, we can even do better,” he appreciated

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi

He however says the government allocation to the people living with albinism kitty is way back little and cannot support them much given the increase in number and has promised that if he will be elected as a Member of Parliament for Webuye East Constituency in the August polls, he will champion for the increase of money from a hundred million to five hundred million so that can be of help to the people living with albinism to access better education and other social support.

Wanyonyi has also called on people living with albinism to come out and seek positions be it elective so that they can increase their visibility, their voice as the theme of this year says “United we make our voice heard”

He has appealed to the people of Webuye East Constituency to make history by electing him as the first Member of Parliament living with albinism.