Need of welfare groups

Isaac Sang Kosgei handing over cash to the group
Isaac Sang Kosgei handing over cash to the group

Deputy Chancellor Isaac Sang Kosgei Of Moi University Eldoret has today said that all groups under Agriculture in  Makunga Village , Milima Ward Tongaren Constituency should be awarded a machine that will help the farmers to improve their standards of living and boost their economy during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Kosgei visited more than 10 groups of Naima in Makunga where farmers were given time to share the challenges they are facing during this time of COVID 19 where they urged more people to support them and ensure that all the groups benefit from both NGO and government funds to improve their kitty of saving, as they promised to start a merry go round that will help them to start table banking in their groups.

Christopher Khaemba who is one of the Members wanted all members to adhere to rules and regulations that were set by the officials to make sure that they give the officials humble time to bring in more funders for betterment of the group.

Chief Martin Wanyonyi said that he will make sure that he supports all the groups in security matters during their meetings as they are supposed to follow all the directives of the MOH during this time of COVID 19.

Richard Masai who is the Chairman of Naima and Albert Sirengo who’s the Secretary told the deputy Chancellor of Moi University Mr Kosgei to bring them more donors to help them improve their economy.

Kosgei gave them Kshs. 30,000 to boost their kitty and promised to help and bring in more sponsors to assist them.