Challenges posed by NEMIS affecting Form One enrollment, reveals principal

Naitiri Friends Girls Secondary School principal Rose Soita
Naitiri Friends Girls Secondary School principal Rose Soita

As the Form One admission exercise progresses in different schools across the country, the Bungoma North Secondary Schools association chair has expressed concern over the use of the National Education Information Management System (NEMIS) saying it has caused many challenges.

In an exclusive interview the association chair Roses Soita said in many schools, the students who have reported haven’t been successfully captured in the system due to congestion saying it needs to be user friendly.

Mrs. Soita, who is also the principal of Naitiri Friends Girls Secondary School, said more than two hundred pupils have reported to her school and they have only managed to capture fifty five in the system.

She added that a similar situation is being witnessed in schools across the sub county saying some do not have laptops hence have to source services from cyber cafes which ends up to be a very expensive exercise.

The chair also pointed out that some students were found to have been registered in other schools yet they reported to different schools saying it may have been an issue of parents who went to seek for a chance in a different school.

However, she applauded the system saying capturing of the students details will be able to help monitor her academic progress saying previously some students were transferred haphazardly and their details could not be easily traced.

Mrs. Soita further pointed out that it has been a challenge to have the students captured also under the NHIF program without their unique registration number saying with the system not responding she had been told that they’ll have to wait until the end of January to be keyed in saying those who may fall sick before that will have a hard time to get medication.

She therefore recommended that the Education Ministry should leave the exercise open to offer the schools ample time to complete the exercise.