New Bamasaaba leader instaled in Mbale Uganda


MBALE UGANDA. Thousands of Bamasaaba people from Uganda and Kenya turned out on Sunday 15th November 2015 to witness the installation of the second King of Inzu ya Masaaba Bob Mushikori.

The installation of the new King, Omukuka we Lukoosi, Bob Mushikori who took over leadership of Inzu ya Masaaba from the outgoing Omukuka Wilson Weasa Wamimbi attracted Bamasaaba people from Western Kenya mostly from Bungoma and Trans Nzoia Counties with Water and Irrigation Minister Hon Eugine Wamalwa, leading the Kenyan chapter.

Mzee Dominic Wetang`ula, father to Bungoma Senator led a group of Bukusu elders to attend the function.

Security was very tight around Mutoto Cultural Centre where the ceremony took place with police surrounding then ground and checking every person who approached the centre.

The Culture Council who were the main organizers of the event had earlier advised those people attending the function to cooperate with police

Speaking during the ceremony, Kimilili Member of the County Assembly David Barasa praised the function saying for the five years that Inzu ya Masaaba has existed, very many good things have been realized.

“Since we launched Inzu ya Masaaba around 2010, we have realized many fruits, first we have been able to trace our culture roots and as you know, Bukusu people from Kenya are historically from Eastern Uganda, we were only separated by foreigners,” said Hon Barasa

“This installation this time round has come at the best time when President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has just launched the Lwakhakha Border Post, we are therefore looking forward to a great economic empowerment to our people in Kenya and brothers in Uganda,” added Hon Barasa.

He however suggested that the Culture Council Organizes Inzu ya Masaaba Ceremonies in such a way that Bamasaaba from both Chapters benefit by scheduling it on a rotational agreement.

Speaking on behalf of the Bungoma County Government Culture Department, the Department`s acting Director of Culture Mr. Augustine Mayabi revealed that as a Department they support the exercise of integration existing between Bamasaaba people of Kenya and Uganda adding that the good relationship will boost business ties between the two Countries with citizens from both sides benefiting more.

“We have been received warmly here in Mbale Uganda and that shows clearly that this unity among Bamasaaba people is unity for a great purpose,” explained Mr Mayabi.

He said the Bungoma Culture Department had put in place a plan that enabled Bamasaaba people from Kenya to travel to Mbale, Uganda to witness the second installation in Inzu ya Masaaba.

“The Department facilitated a section of the Members of the County Assembly, Bukusu Elders, opinion leaders, common Bamasaaba people to attend the ceremony,” added Mr Mayabi.

Bungoma County Assembly was led by Bungoma County Assembly Majority Leader Hon Henry Nyongesa who passed the message of good will to the new Omukuka.

He urged the new Omukuka to unite all the Bamasaaba people from Kenya and Uganda promising that the Bungoma County Assembly will continue working with the Inzu ya Masaaba.

His sentiments were echoed by the Bungoma County Executive Committee Member in charge of Culture, Sports, Youth and Gender Mrs. Grace Khayota who also thanked Bamasaaba people from Uganda for uniting with the whole community.

Former assistant Minister Wakoli Bifwoli on his part assured the new Omukuka Bob Mushikori of Kenyan Bamasaaba leaders support arguing that boundaries existing among Bamasaaba people were just created by colonialists and therefore should not be used to divide the community.

Water and Irrigation Minister, Hon Eugine Wamalwa expressed his appreciation for being among the team that witnessed the swearing in of Omukuka Bob Mushikori.

He also passed messages of apologies on behalf of other leaders from Kenya including Bungoma Governor, Kenneth Lusaka, Senator Moses Wetang`ula, Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba, former Local Authority Minister Musikari Nazi Kombo among  others.

He urged Bamasaaba people to continue working together initiating programmes that will assist members of the community economically.

He assured the new Omukuka of his support plus the Kenyan Government revealing that already the Kenyan Government is tarmacking Chwele Lwakhakha Road to ease movement of goods and services.

He hinted that the Kenyan President will soon tarmac the road connecting Trans Nzoia and Uganda through Suam border appealing to Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to continue with the good working relationship with his Kenyan Counterpart in order to improve roads connecting Uganda and Kenya to promote trade and general movement of people.

Hon Wamalwa assured Omukuka of Kenyan leaders` support in to ensure all the operations of Inzu ya Masaaba goes on well.

“We are in Inzu ya Masaaba and we really support all its operations, we shall therefore continue supporting Omukuka Bob in everything, we invite you Omukuka Bob to be visit us in Kenya, we cannot fail to facilitate your trip into Kenya in terms of offering fuel,” said Wamalwa.

He also thanked Bamasaaba people for working closely with Bamasaaba Kenyan Chapter especially during the last 12th Anniversary of the late Kenyan Vice President Michael Christopher Wamalwa.

The outgoing Omukuka who spoke while sitting as it is the norm with Kings and Paramount Chiefs assured Bamasaaba people that his successor was up to the task to lead Inzu Ya Masaaba basing on the vast experience that he has.

“I knew Omukuka Bob Mushikori when he was in Canada and for sure what he used to do and how he related with people revealed clearly that he is a man of the people,” said the outgoing Omukuka Wilson Weasa Wambimbi.

“In fact when Bob was elected to succeed me, I was very happy because I knew he would steer Bamasaaba Community the right way,” he added.

He however appealed to his successor Bob Mushikori to keep the standards high, ensure transparency and lobby for all the support that will ensure Bamasaaba people realize many of their dreams.

Addressing the gathering, the new Omukuka Ambassador Bob Mushikori thanked all Bamasaaba people from Kenya and Tanzania for their great support of Inzu ya Masaaba assuring them that the Community is in safe hands of his leadership.

He thanked his predecessor Wilson weasa Wamimbi for leading Bamasaaba people in the right direction.

He promised to put forward issues that touch on common Masaaba person such as Education, youth problems economic empowerment.

The former Canada Ambassador called upon all Bamasaaba people from Kenya to come up in large numbers and with full spirit to support Inzu ya Bamasaaba initiatives.

The Deputy Speaker for the Ugandan Parliament Hon Jacob Olanya who represented President Museveni challenged the new King to continue with the same spirit of uniting and working for Bamasaaba people.

President Museveni`s speech read by the Deputy, expressed how the President wished to attend the ceremony though he chose to respect electoral Commission of Uganda programme that did not schedule him to be in Mbale.

He said being a presidential candidate, he could not be allowed to be in Mbale today because the electoral commission`s calendar indicated that he was supposed to be elsewhere.