New Malakisi Treatment Plant likely to reduce water scarcity in Teso North sub-county, Busia County


The new Malakisi treatment plant in the border of Bungoma and Busia counties is likely to alleviate water scarcity in Teso North sub-county and its environs.

Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong toured the plant a few days ago and found the Malaba Water Supply project taking shape, with the contractor assuring the Busia County boss that the project, funded by the African Development Bank, should be complete in the next 18 months.

The contractor gave the scope of works that include construction of a new horizontal water treatment plant with a pumping capacity of 6000 cubic meters a day complete with all associated works to meet the future demand combined with the rehabilitation of existing treatment works.

The current treatment works has the capacity to pump 2000 cubic meters per day which is not enough to avail enough water to Teso North that also suffered pipe vandalism in Kimaet area of Bungoma County.

Fresh distribution of steel pipelines will serve Myanga in Bumula sub-county, Kokare, Kmuriai/Jairos, Angurai, Chamasir, Amoni in Teso North sub-county and Netima and Ndakalu in Bungoma County.

“It remains to be seen with the Malakisi water treatment why water doesn’t reach Teso Region in Busia County while Bungoma was receiving daily water supplies.’’ Observed the governor.