Ongoing National government projects in Nandi to be audited

A collapsed building at Kapsabet town
A collapsed building at Kapsabet town

Nandi Commissioner George Omoding has stated that all the National government ongoing projects in the county must be audited to confirm its suitability and statute.

Omoding gave this directive following the collapsed Ministry of lands county headquarters one-storey building in Kapsabet town that was overseen by one of the construction company.

The commissioner said two officials in connection with the construction company have been arrested and are currently locked up at Kapsabet police cells waiting to be arraigned in court on Thursday for the poor workmanships that cost tax payers money as they have charges to answer.

He said that engineers from the National construction authority will be auditing the building to establish its safety and suitability before making any improvement on the building.

The commissioner revealed that actions will be taken to contractors doing shoddy work when it comes to the national government projects saying it is their role to take stern actions to such contractors working on the government projects wrongly.

This has just happened in a span of one week after another storey building at Chepcholol village in Chesumei constituency collapsed leaving the public questioning the credibility of construction engineers.