Bungoma Deputy Governor warns cartels in the Health Department


Bungoma County Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has send a stiff warning to cartels masquerading in the County Health Department saying the culprits will face the full force of the law while assuring residents of better health care services by Governor Lusaka’s administration.

Speaking at the Kenya Assemblies of God Church in Ekitale, Kanduyi Constituency, Mbatiany stated that the County Health Department has in the past been marred by quarks and masqueraders thus hindering proper health care services to the people, promising to clean the mess and reinstate glory in the health department.

“We want to bring sanity in the Bungoma County Health Department. Alot of unqualified people have been masquerading, leading to laxity and poor healthcare service provision, endangering the lives of our people. We won’t tolerate that in this new administration. We will fish them out one by one.” She affirmed

Mbatiany further assured of Governor Lusaka’s full support to the County Health Department headed by CECM Dr. Andrew Wamalwa.

“We have a formidable team of professionals led by Dr. Andrew Wamalwa.Be assured of our total commitment and support to improve our primary health care system. We are going to equip our hospitals to offer the best health care services to the citizens of Bungoma. All our health facilities will have drugs”, assured the Deputy Governor

Mbatiany used the opportunity to donate 50 chairs to the Church.

Also present in the Church function was Health CECM Dr. Andrew and Director of Medical Services Caleb Watta.