No leadership without God’s will.

Father Linus Odoli-Myanga parish
Father Linus Odoli-Myanga parish

Bungoma County Senatorial seat aspirants have been urged to change their way of hunting votes from the residents and consider making consultations from the church leaders.

This is according to Father Linus Odoli of Myanga Catholic Church during prayers at the Bungoma County Snatorial seat aspirant Robert Sifuna Wekesa’s home in Kimaeti ward Bumula Sub-County where he also advised the voters not to vote for candidates that bribe them but instead consider their agenda.

Furthermore, Father Odoli urged Bungoma County residents to maintain peace during the by-election period.

On the other hand, Robert Sifuna Wekesa, the Senatorial candidate called upon all voters in Bungoma County, more so youths to preach peace as he is aiming at having peaceful campaigns.

“We look forward to having peaceful campaign period and we are sure of a fair and credible election. We also want to tell our supporters that we are ready to accept any results after the by-election,” said Sifuna.

By Peter Musaba