No need to divide Kenyans, DP Ruto tells politicians

Deputy President William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto has come under increased fire from President Uhuru and Raila allies

Deputy President William Ruto has called for peace and unity amidst the diverse conversations arising from the BBI report. The Deputy President has said there is no need to divide Kenyans, and that the concerns surrounding the BBI shouldn’t worry Kenyans, “The BBI issues shouldn’t disturb you, we shall straighten them and it will go well,” he said, speaking during a women empowerment drive in Maragua.

He faulted leaders who want to come up with political groups whenever a chance arises, “Some people don’t know how to play politics without diving Kenyans, when they get a chance they want groups and teams, let’s stop that…politics is about uniting Kenyans,” he said. He said what he and President Uhuru Kenyatta want is a united Kenya, and to do away with tribal and hate driven politics. “We want Kenya to forge ahead…when we are led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, nothing will go astray and we’ll put everything in order.”

The implementation of the BBI, however, seems to have created two differing camps already, with those who favor a people centered implementation and those who want a parliamentary implementation, and calls for unity amongst the political class won’t seem to bridge the major differences between the camps ahead of the 2022 race.