“It won’t be a walk in the park” Lusaka tells other aspirants

Bungoma county gubernatorial seat

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Governor Lusaka as he spoke

Bungoma County governor Kenneth Lusaka has urged all those leaders interested in usurping him in the next elections to reveal their manifestos in order to woe voters, instead of using negative criticism and cheap propaganda to whitewash their image, adding that corruption is a collective responsibility.

Mr. Lusaka said this in different forums, accusing his competitors of tarnishing his name, emphasizing the fact that come election time, everyone will have to stand by their score cards.

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Ken Lusaka speaking at a past function

The race for the Bungoma Gubernatorial seat is shaping up nicely,  given that it’s targeted by more than three aspirants namely, Wycliffe Wangamati, Stephen Mutoro, Eng. Tawai Anthony and Khang’ati Alfred.

Lusaka said the wheelbarrow issue had already been sorted out,  stating that the once contentious matter is now with the EACC and that allegations that a special seat worth Ksh. 2.7 million was purchased were not true.

“I am not insane to buy a seat at that given amount using public fund, that is cheap propaganda by my opponents they don’t have anything else to show and that is why they are talking about the wheelbarrow and the seat,” he said.

He declared that he is ready for another term, saying that he is the only one fit for the county’s big job and cited some of the projects that his government has done in the county.

Senator Wetangula and governor Lusaka

Mr. Lusaka also told Senator Moses Wetang’ula at a funds drive in Kabuchai constituency to respect other leaders saying they are God chosen, and if there was any problem he should have called leaders to discuss instead of telling lies.

He said he did not understand why the senator is on the front line when it comes to calling on the Luhya community to embrace oneness and unity when he still wants the downfall of some of the  leaders.

He further told the senator not to expect support from him for the presidential seat, if he supports other aspirants.