Non- governmental organizations join hands to eradicate Malaria in Africa.

Malaria transmission cycle (photo credit -Mayo clinic)
Malaria transmission cycle (photo credit -Mayo clinic)

As the killer disease Malaria continues to prove more devastating to people’s health in Kenya and across the African continent, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders have come together to put in place measures to completely curb the menace.

Dentsu Africa, a non-governmental organization has come up to use the power of the media to pass vital information to the masses in Africa on how to fight malaria through campaigns that associate different stakeholders.

The organization has set aside five million dollars for dissemination of information through the media. The information is how people of Africa can completely do away with the killer disease Malaria where the organization targets to reach more than five hundred million people in Africa.

Ten thousand volunteers will be used to pass information to the masses in the Save the Life from Malaria initiative.

To boost the fight against Malaria menace, another non-governmental organization from United Kingdom has joined hands with Dentsu Africa in the fight. Malaria No More organization comes in on behalf of the United Nation together with African Union AU, the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Alma and other associates.

Malaria No More UK will lead the fight against malaria internationally. The launch will first be done here in Kenya before heading to Zambia, Nigeria and Rwanda in a few years to come.