Notorious thug in Nambale found dead

Police carry away the body of the thug
Police carry away the body of the thug

A notorious criminal who has been terrorizing residents of Nambale town in Busia County was found dead on Friday morning. Nambale OCPD Robert Ndambiri told journalists that the criminal only known as Enos has engaged in various criminal activities including raping women and defiling young girls since he was released from jail last year, “We have many reported cases of rape and defilement which he has committed in this town. Apart from that, he has also been robbing the locals and the recent case is where he went into a club in Nambale town armed with a knife and robbed customers of their money and ran away.”

He was so daring that one day he attempted to rape a woman a few meters away from Nambale police station according to Ndambiri, “He got hold of a woman and tried to rape her near the police station but our officers responded quickly and rescued her as he managed to run away.

On Thursday, police officers pursued him and shot in the air to stop him but he defied and ran into the bush, “We got a report from members of the public that he was somewhere in town and the OCS went after him with some officers, chased him up to the banks of river Walatsi and despite shooting in the air to stop him, he ran away into the forest. In the morning we received information that he was lying dead by the roadside along Nambale-Mayoni road near Kisoko market,” explained the OCPD who suspects he may have been killed by locals, “Yesterday after the police gave up on him, locals continued to pursue him because they were also irked by his thuggery and I think they are the ones who killed him.”

A Nambale resident sharing his views
A Nambale resident sharing his views

His body had minor injuries on the chest and abdomen which suggests he was kicked with hard boots. Ndambiri added that they are still pursuing his accomplice, “He has been working together with another man whose name we are yet to establish. There is even a time they defiled a young girl who positively identified Enos but could not identify the second person.”

News about the thug’s death has been received with joy by a majority of Nambale residents who have described him as a dangerous thug who has been giving them sleepless nights, “Today we are so happy after learning that a man who has been terrorizing us for many years is dead. He has raped many women, robbed many people and threatened many others,”
 they stated.

Another woman who didn’t want her identity disclosed revealed that the thug had called her sister two days ago telling her that he had been hired by someone to kill her sister at a cost of one thousand shillings, “This has made my sister to go into hiding because this thug was no joke and he could do anything. But today I am so happy that instead of killing my sister, he is the one who has been killed.” His body was moved to Busia County Referral hospital mortuary by the police, “and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the real cause of his death,” Ndambiri concluded.