NYS projects to benefit reformed warriors

West Pokot

West Pokot governor Kachapin during the relaunch of the NYS project in Sigor

The National Youth Service (NYS) has embarked on relaunching its operations in Sigor West Pokot county where several reformed warriors are expected to benefit through the programme.

The project dubbed ‘Youth re-awakening’ which was presided over by West Pokot governor Simon Kachapin, Sigor MP Philip Rotino and the NYS Deputy director Zaphania Makokha has incorporated over 1200 youths.

The project will help youths of Sigor area along the border of West Pokot and Turkana counties where they will be engaged in opening up of roads within the area.

West Pokot governor Kachapin during the relaunch of the NYS project in Sigor

Area  governor Simon Kachapin thanked the NYS for the project saying that they will partner to ensure that the remote areas within the sub county become a business hub and as well foster development.

Kachapin  urged Kenyans to support the NYS as it was a major trans-formative to the youths of this country, and that any individual who will be found tampering on the progress of the NYS through dubious corrupt processes should be prosecuted.

“We urge the youth to guard NYS as it was the only means that the Kenyan government has used to empower its youth,” said Kachapin .

The county boss said that no cases of crime was reported in the past one year citing the introduction of the NYS in the area which has lead to the recruitment of idle youth into the productive exercise.

“The project has streamlined development in the area. It has improved sanitation in the area youths are not taking chang’aa because they are not idle,” said Kachapin.

Speaking during the re launch area MP, Phillip Rotino applauded the government for the firm initiative that has seen several hot spots of volatile border of Turkana and West Pokot counties witnessing peace since it become an alternative means of survival.

Rotino said that in the past one year since the introduction of the exercise, the area which borders Turkana county have experienced zero cattle raids as well as brewing of illicit brews.

Relaunching of NYS in Sigor West Pokot

“Our youths used to engage in the vices but now the situation has changed because of the project,” Rotino said.

Rotino observed that the project has improved the livelihood of youths in the area.

“Many are still in the villages and they should be helped,” said Rotino.

The deputy director NYS Zaphania Makokha said that a total of 926 million shillings from 236 Saccos country wide has been saved so far while the Sigor youth in West Pokot has saved a total of 9 million shillings.

Makokha added that they are still training the youth country wide on how to engage in business and productive activities for them to be self reliant.

The NYS projects are within 72 constituencies countrywide and they take a period of six months to a year benefiting locals.