Nzoia sugar company stakeholders warned against groups posing as leasing middlemen

The Nzoia Sugar Company
The Nzoia Sugar Company

Sugarcane farmers and Nzoia sugar company stakeholders have been warned not to entertain different groups that have staged themselves as authorities set to oversee the intended leasing of Western sugar factories to private entities by the government.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with West Media, the chairman of Nzoia sugar company Joash Waman’goli has named one of the groups, the Nzoia Rescue Team, that claims to be on the forefront of overseeing the leasing process of Nzoia sugar factory. Waman’goli said the group in question aims to cause confusion among farmers who are mainly affected by any decision taken whether negative or positive.

Waman’goli’s sentiments were echoed by Zacharia Barasa of the Bungoma liberation movement who added that sugarcane farmers and employees of Nzoia sugar company must be consulted and involved in every step of decision making. He said the alleged group, Nzoia Rescue Team, has been holding meetings aimed at overseeing the leasing of Nzoia sugar factory without involving the stakeholders.

Waman’goli and Barasa have both expressed their fears over the Nzoia Rescue Team saying that the people behind the group have had opportunities of working in the sugar factory and did nothing to rescue the ailing company.

The two affirmed that they won’t allow Nzoia sugar company to be handled the same way that the then Webuye Pan Paper, now Rai Paper was done without considering the residents of the region who are considered to be the main beneficiaries.