NZOWASCO renovating water supply system in Trans Nzoia to address shortages

Trans Nzoia County deputy Governor Stanley Tarus Kenei
Trans Nzoia County deputy Governor Stanley Tarus Kenei

The Nzoia Water Services Company (NZOWASCO) is renovating its water
supply system within Trans Nzoia to address recurrent water shortages
witnessed in Kitale and its environs.

NZOWASCO’s board chairman Lusweti Furaha said the renovations will
see the company install new water pumps, new piping system and erect
new water storage tanks in affected zones. “We have had challenges with faulty pumps and low water pressure occasioned by an increase in demand which surpasses the initial plan but this is being rectified,” Mr. Furaha said.

Bidii, Lessos, Matisi, Lukhuna, Site and Service and Milimani are
among the regions which have been experiencing unreliable water supply
due to infrastructural challenges. “There are areas whose initial catchment was lower than the current demand hence we need to put up new bigger pipes to supply the right volume of water,” said the chairman.

However, according to Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Kennei
Tarus, the County government has rolled out some projects that will
steer the County’s allocation of water systems calling upon the
residents to give the administration time to finalize its projects.

He criticized the manner in which some locals have been
vandalizing water pipes that pass in their regions while others steal
those pipes and urged them to be watchful against any culprits, “We ‘ve had some people interfering with the water projects that the County has initiated and some are vandalizing pipes. I’m calling upon the locals to be on the watch out and report such characters in order for
action to be taken.”

NZOWASCO was formed under the Companies Act (CAP 486) on February 4,
2004 by the defunct Bungoma and Nzoia County councils. The company is mandated by the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB) to provide water and sewerage services within Bungoma County (Bungoma, Webuye & Kimilili) and Trans Nzoia (Kitale).

There have been efforts by the County government of Trans Nzoia to set
up its own water services Company to take over operations from NZOWASCO due to alleged poor service delivery to locals.