ODM accused of planning to spoil Wetangula’s day

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Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula speaking in a past event

ODM accused of planning to spoil Wetangula’s day

A day to the launch of the Ford Kenya presidential aspirant Moses Masika Wetangula’s bid in Kakamega town, party members have come out to accuse the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party members for planning to cause chaos during the event.

Addressing journalists in Kakamega town, MCA’s attached to the Ford Kenya party have said that ODM leaders from the county are hiring buses to transport goons who will wail at Ford Kenya leaders who will stand to speak during the event.

Led by the Kholera-Matungu ward representative Abel Mutimba, the leaders have said that there are rumors that ODM leaders are buying goons who will be dressed in Ford Kenya uniforms to shout at Ford Kenya leaders as away to show that they lack support from home.

wetangula's, odm
Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula speaking in a past event

Mutimba accuses the ODM party of intending to own the day saying that they are visitors since they are not members of the party.

He explains that all other parties linked to CORD have been invited as guests and not hosts.

He accuses the Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya of having booked school buses to carry ODM fans in an effort to make the launch look like ODM’s.

He was seconded by nominated MCA Florence Masika who has called upon youths and other idlers not to accept to be used by politicians.

They unanimously have said that they are set for the day cautioning anyone with bad intentions to keep off the material day.

Meanwhile, ODM party members who earlier were against Wetangula launching the bid in Kakamega have cooled down and welcomed the move.

Led by the leader of majority at the county government of Kakamega Maurice Makhanu, they have said they will welcome the bid but with conditions that governor Oparanya be allowed to host the event.

“We have accepted that the bid goes on as planned at Muliro Gardens given that Wetangula is among those interested in the position from the CORD family.” Read part of their speech.

wetangula's ,odm
Senators Wtangula and Khalwale during a past event

They say that after all interested parties launch their bid, CORD as a family will sit down and decide who will be better placed to run it off with the Jubilee candidate and then endorse him.

ODM party members from Kakamega had earlier asked senator Wetangula to launch his bid in Nairobi as the capital city or his home town in Bungoma a plea that was not taken kindly by the senator who firmly stood and said that he will use Kakamega as the capital city of the Luhya nation.

ODM had accused the Kakamega county senator Dr.Bonny Khalwale of using Wetangula to popularize his gubernatorial seat interest in the county.

Wetangula was to launch his bid on 19th March, 2016 but could not and thus pushed the event to 2nd of April, 2016.