ODM party embarks on grassroots recruitment drive


The Orange Democratic (ODM) Party has embarked on a massive grassroots recruitment drive, popularizing and wooing candidates in the North Rift Region perceived to be under the control of Deputy President Dr William Ruto.

ODM Executive Director Mr.  Oduor  Ong’wen who on Thursday  visited the West Pokot ODM  party   office in Kapenguria  and received new  party candidates  for various positions in the county noted that the party is now ready and prepared to govern the Nation.

Mr Oduor cited that the party was strengthening its base and putting in measures to ensure that the   region becomes solely the backyard of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He noted that the ODM party stands for Justice and is ready to battle out with the Tanga tanga political outfit   in the area.

Mr Oduor said the party had re-energized as it strives to outwit other parties that have been more popular in the region in the past.

He pointed out that new candidates will be involved in selling party policies in all the four constituencies in the county with a view of getting more members enlisted.

“We have plans of reaching more people in the grassroots as we aim to take more representatives of the party in the county as well as in the national assembly in the next general elections,” said Mr. Oduor.

Mr Ong’wen said that they will popularize the party in all corners of the country to make sure its Presidential candidate emerges the winner in the next polls.

“We are putting their troops on high alert, coming up with strategies and looking for votes for members of the county assembly for the presidential candidate,” he said.

He said that they are identifying potential candidates for various positions and coming up with a campaign plan in counties.

“The electoral cycle has started and as a party we want to make sure that we secure most seats in the coming general elections,” he said.

ODM party Chairperson in West Pokot County Mr. Joseph Mr.  Akoule   who drummed up support for ODM leader Raila Odinga saying that he is the one who championed for devolution that has brought fruits in counties.

“He brought devolution and   has worked. We have benefited from roads, schools and children going to school because of bursaries from the devolved unit. This is ODM time and we are well prepared,”he said.

Mr. Akoule urged residents in the area to join the ODM party.

“This is the time and if  we want  to save ourselves, let’s vote for Raila .We are ready from Naita to Tiaty and even Uganda to vote for Raial Odinga,” he said.

ODM women league in the County Ms Rodah Katalai said that that party already has 17 candidates comprising 3 members of parliament aspirants, 13 members of County Assembly and one women representative.

She said that they are targeting to register more 700,000 members in the county.

ODM Secretary in West Pokot County Ms Lillian Plapan noted that ODM was a party to watch in the next polls.

“Raila has never insulted Pokots, He has been a true friend to the Pokot community .He has all it takes to become the head of state. We have been sidelined for  long as Pokots, for being under the banner of Kalenjin .We need to be counted as Pokots and Kalenjins for our children to benefit from job opportunities,” she said.

ODM women representative   aspirant in the county Ms   Rodah Rotino   said that they will ensure that ODM leader Raila Odinga garners 90% of votes in the County.

“In 2013, I was in Kanu, 2017 an independent candidate and now I have joined ODM .We want Raila to be in state house .We’ve started working and we shall not relent. In the last polls Raila Odinga got 58,000 votes without campaigning,” he said.

She noted that the ODM leader has fought for democracy in the country. He has been pushing for the two thirds gender rule. Let’s respect Raila and give him the country’s top seat. Pokots have prophesied that Raila will win,”she said.