Office of the Women rep Nandi transforming lives through developmental empowerment programs

Nandi woman rep Dr Tecla Tum issueing tents to various groups in Nandi
Nandi woman rep Dr Tecla Tum issueing tents to various groups in Nandi

The office of the Women Representative of Nandi is transforming lives through empowerment programs to women, youths and people living with disabilities.

Speaking during the issuance of tents to various groups of women, youths and PWD’s at Kapsabet showground, Nandi woman representative Dr Tecla Tum said so far she has issued over two hundred and fifty tents to these groups as a way of empowering them.

“I have issued a total of 273 tents to various groups of youths, women, churches and people living with disabilities from across Nandi,” Tum revealed.

She asked the groups who are benefiting from this developmental program to utilize the tents  well and use to transform their lives.

The projects being carried out by the office as per now is the issuance of tents to various registered groups, disbursement of bursaries to needy students and construction of a rehabilitation center at Kipsigak among many other developmental projects that the office needs to accomplish before 2022 general elections.

Concerning the issue of politics, Tum asked the youths to shun away from divisive politics and avoid being misused by rogue politicians to cause a breach of peace noting that there have been cases of some of political leaders in Nandi who bribes and buy alcohol to youths to disrupt meetings and political rallies of their political opponents.

She said that the vice should come to a halt immediately and such politicians be held responsible for their heinous acts.