Ojaamong warns striking nurses

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong while giving his address

Busia Governor Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong has asked the medical superintendent at the Kocholya Sub County hospital and other hospitals and health centers across Busia County to welcome new nurses and clinical officers who will be posted to those institutions from next week as the county government continues to negotiate with the striking nurses and clinical officers.

Ojaamong who spoke on Monday at Kocholya  , Teso North Sub County during the commissioning of the first ever medical training college, Teso Campus, said he would not sit back and watch as  wananchi suffer at the expense of the striking nurses and clinicians.

‘As county government, we are shocked with what is happening in our hospitals for months now. We owe these fellows nothing as we had already paid them full salaries by the time they went on strike’’. Said the visibly agitated governor.

“We are going to post new nurses and clinical officers in all our health institutions across the county from next week to cushion against the suffering meted at residents seeking medical attention as negotiations with the striking ones continues.’’ He stated

The governor, however, assured those who wish to return to work to do as no disciplinary action will be taken against them.