Omena-processing plant to be set in Budalangi

The plant will be funded by the Japan government in collaboration with Budalangi CDF

omena-processing plant

The Government of Japan has announced that in collaboration with the Budalangi CDF, it will construct a Ksh. 8 million omena-processing factory in Budalangi, Busia County.

Speaking during the ceremony that was held in Marenga, the Japan’s Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Mikio Mori said that the factory will be set to help self-help groups in the region.

The Japanese government has been in the move to empowering several self help groups in the country by supporting them financially.

According to the Mr. Mikio, the project mainly aims at improving the economic status of the targeted regions and the country at large.

“Since 1989, the Japanese government has been providing funds to community self-help groups in Kenya. This project aims at empowering the groups economically. I hope when the factory will be completed, it will process fish, rice and even animal feeds for Busia residents,” he agitated.

omena-processing plantHe added that his government was funding the project in collaboration with the Budalangi Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The Budalangi CDF contributed to the project by buying land that will be used for the project.

The Deputy Ambassador added that apart from fostering the omena processing, the grant will also be used for the construction of the plant as well as installation.

“The grant will be used for construction of the plant, installation and purchase of packaging machines, which will ensure the products are well-packaged and transported,” he added.

The Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba who attended the event, welcomed the project and said that the project was in line with the spirit of empowering young people and thanked the Japanese government for setting up the plant for the first time in the country in his region.

“This partnership now gives Kenya the very first omena-processing plant,” said the MP.

He added that young people will benefit from the project as it will create employment opportunities to those who are unemployed.

He urged the locals and Kenyans at large to accommodate the project and support it for it to be more effective and of great importance to ensuring that the economy is boosted.