One child killed, two hospitalized after being attacked by bees in Lwandeti

A section of mourners at the home of Jemima Wekesa
A section of mourners at the home of Jemima Wekesa

One child died while two sustained serious injuries after being stung by bees that invaded their compound in Lukhokho village, Lwandeti location, Matete sub-county.

According to the deceased’s mother Miss Phanice Nelima, she had left her one-and-a-half-year-old baby under the care of her niece and young brother before they were attacked by a swarm bee.

She said the baby was playing near the gate when she was attacked while the niece and brother were injured while trying to rescue her.

The baby succumbed while undergoing treatment in a private clinic at Mukhonje trading center where he had been rushed while the other two children are in stable condition.

According to the deceased’s grandmother Mrs. Jemima Wekesa, the bees had clustered on one of the eucalyptus trees in a neighbor’s farm before they were disrupted by an eagle forcing them to run wild and entered his house.

However, she said it was shocking that the bees only targeted her family adding that none of the neighbors responded to offer help.

“I think they are not just normal bees, there is a mystery behind the incident because they only targeted my family,” said Mrs. Wekesa linking the incident to superstition.

She claimed that in the recent past her family has been a host of calamities disclosing the recent incident where her husband was struck by lightning while working on their farm last week which left him unconscious despite there being no rains.

The husband is still recuperating in an Eldoret hospital where he was rushed in critical condition.