One on one with Rev Inzai a gospel singer

The Rev. Pastor Inzai

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai is the reverent pastor serving at the African Divine Church (ADC) Assembly at Kanani Kangemi in Nairobi. He is also a gospel musician.

He is married to one wife and have been blessed with children. They have other children that they care for with love. He says he has the sense and desire to care for the needy.

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai was born in the western part of Kenya in the today Vihiga County, Shiamakhokha in a village called Virembe in the year 1982. He was the first born in a family of 5 children.

The parents separated when he was 7 years old and was raised by his grandmother, a good fearing grandmother who raised him in the ways of God.

Rev. Inzai
The Rev. Pastor Inzai

Having been brought by a grandmother who was a staunch PEFA church member, Rev Pastor Newton Inzai grew up as a God fearing child and was used to attending Sunday school and even singing in the church as he grew up, he tells us this remembering his childhood with nostalgia.


Rev Pastor Newton Inzai managed to study up to form 2 level.  He dropped out of school due to hardship bringing his education dream  to an earlier stop, he could not get more education.

He tells us he went through Virembe primary school, then  switchedto Kigulinyi primary where he finished his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. He had chance to join Mmbale high school where he studied up to form 2 before he was forced to drop out of school because of being unable to pay his school fees.

After dropping out of school with nothing to do, he started to find the whereabouts of his mother. After hearing rumors that she could be in Nairobi he left to Nairobi looking for her at the age of 19 years.

“By the grace God I found my mother, who was a member of the ADC church and therefore I joined her.” Rev Pastor Newton Inzai says.

“God is faithful and he does not look at our education background in order for one to serve him,” says Rev Newton.

He says he managed to join a bible college where he studied as a pastor and from there through knowledge and wisdom managed to recruit his church members whom he ministers to. Pausing to say that more are still joining the church, and all are always welcome to join.

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai singing career

“The call to sing for the Lord came when I was very sick in a hospital bed.” He says

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai says that he used to backup other friends in singing back in 2010. For a very long time having been singing in the church he was encouraged by a friend to get down write and get to the studio and record.

He says he took time to listen and decided to give it a trial, in 2014 he went to the studio to do his first album which has the song KIJITO CHA UTAKASO.

“It was received well with my listeners, and therefore I recorded another album which has a more populous luhya song that has been well receive UTANDEKA MWAMI that is 2015.” Says Rev Pastor Newton Inzai.

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai who is a Tiriki has produced songs in Kimaragoli, Kitiriki, Kinyore, Kiswahili and he says it is his prayer that God helps him also to sing in all the other Luhya dialects, something he says will make him to minister to all Luhyas in a language they understand best.

“Having done my third album and even the video for the second and first albums I have seen God in all my doings.” He says.

He does not forget to say that all these achievements is as a result of support from various well wishers who have stood with him in the ministry, who he says is very grateful for the assistance.

Rev Pastor Newton Inzai says his future plan in the ministry is that as God continue to minister to him, he shall be ready to work with any other person who is willing to be in the singing ministry. He adds that as per the moment he involves his family in singing, that is his wife children and even willing church members.

“More so for every CD I sell I offer 20/= to the church to chatter for the less fortunate in life.” He adds.

His advice advise to fellow singers is that they should understand that singing is a call and once you are called one should not put money benefit first, but be happy that through the singing he/ she is able to reach the people of God with the word bringing back hope to those who feel down in the spirit.

“My parting message as a gospel artist is to tell those in this ministry to learn to be patient and prayerful, he says.

“More so learn to listen to the Holy Spirit as he always instruct and ready to help in leading the way.” Rev Pastor Newton Inzai concludes.